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Scanpan 3 Stage Blade Sharpener

Scanpan 3 Stage Blade Sharpener

  • $5495


This three stage knife sharpener is versatile enough to work on most knives and to bring them back from ultimate bluntness to sharp as a razor.

Constructed with three different stages: tungsten, medium ceramic and diamond and fine ceramic and diamond, the sharpener can regenerate a knife blade back from the dead and can also be used to give it its monthly or daily sharpening. The diamond and ceramic hones restore dull blades to a fine razor's edge.

If your blade is completely gone then start with the coarse side of the 3 stage sharpener and work your way up to medium and then to fine. If you just want a monthly sharpen start from the middle and the end if just for a quick sharpen. This makes it a wonderful, all-round sharpener!

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