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Scanpan Bamboo Cutting board

Scanpan Bamboo Cutting board

  • $3370

Scanpan Reversible Bamboo Cutting Board 42 x 29cm

 This is a little more advanced version of the Scanpan cutting board.  A juice groove around the outside makes it easier to cut up ingredients with a little more liquid and the fact that its reversible means you really have 2 chopping boards in one. Now thats handy. Its nice to have a board for meat, one for vegetables and a little one for those quick little jobs on the side.

Scanpan's Stylish timber cutting board range is made from environmentally friendly bamboo, one of the worlds classic hardwood timbers. The unique health benefits of timber chopping boards are well understood nowadays and it is proven that timber is gentler on knife blades. Thanks to their beautiful finish these wooden boards need not be limited to the kitchen, they also find a place on the table as cheese boards, cake platters, carving boards etc.

Scanpan Bamboo Cutting Board Features:

  • Double thickness.
  • Optimum Hygiene
  • Gentle on Blades
  • Unrivalled Durability
  • Low Maintenance
  • Created by Mother Nature
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Beautifully Gift Packaged.
  • Everten's exclusive triple warranty 10 years protection backed by Everten, the Australian distributor and Scanpan.
  • Dimensions are 42cm x 29cm x 1.8cm. 


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