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Silicone Fabric Double Oven Glove

Silicone Fabric Double Oven Glove

  • $3640

 Taking hot pans out of the oven has never been safer, or more comfortable, than with the Cuisena Double Oven Glove. Ideal for heavy, hot roasters, the double oven glove lets you use both hands, and hold the tray for longer than normal. Plus, because the fabric covers your arms and midsection with each glove in one hand, you're protected from the radiant heat coming from the oven and the tray itself.

    Wide, double oven glove with connecting heat resistant fabric
    Double glove configuration lets you use both hands for extra heavy loads
    Silicone exterior is insulating, so you can hold hot objects for longer
    Midsection covers your arms and chest to protect against radiated heat
    Textured silicone grip pads provide a firm, secure grip
    Silicone is heat resistant and will not burn, melt or discolour from heat
    100% cotton lining inside glove
    Machine washable

Using the heat resistant qualities of silicone, Cuisena Oven Mitts and gloves let you handle hot oven pans comfortably. Silicone is a remarkable insulator, allowing you to hold hot roasters, oven trays and pans for longer without the inside of the glove getting hot. Cuisena silicone oven mitts also provide extra grip and support, with patterned grip pads and the rubbery texture of silicone. Most of all, silicone oven gloves and pan holders don't deteriorate with the heat, resisting high temperatures without burning, becoming misshapen or melting.

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